Our home is prone to everyday dirt, especially the kitchen where there are many cooking preparations that happens every day. So you can expect the kitchen to be messy once cooking is done. There would be odor, spills, drops of sauces and many more. Add the foot traffic and prints from pets, slippers and many more. Everyday cleaning is important. Aside from the fact that it makes the place cleaner, it also reduces the effects of dirt to our health.  

Steam Cleaning

There are many cleaning methods to apply when cleaning tiles and grout, but not all of them are effective. Nowadays, people prefer steam cleaning than other types of cleaning. Aside from its efficiency when it comes to cleaning the tiles, it is also environment-friendly. You don’t have to use buckets, mops and detergents anymore; you will clean the house efficiently using tile and grout steam cleaning. The following are the benefits.  


Unlike the traditional tile cleaning, steam cleaning kills 99.99% of bacteria that stick in the tiles and grouts. Additionally, it won’t use strong cleaners like ammonia or bleach that have strong chemicals in them. In steam cleaning, a natural cleaner, water and heat are the only ingredients used in order to clean that dirt. The house will then remain free from pollution and chemical residue.  

Child and Pet-Friendly 

Like mentioned, steam cleaning only makes use of water and heat, so there is really a non-toxic nature when you perform this kind of cleaning method. The chemical-free cleaning method makes the environment safe for pets and children. Chemicals from cleaning agents like sodium hypochlorite will irritate the skin, eyes and lungs of pets and children once they are in contact with them.  


If you have family members who are susceptible to respiratory problems like asthma and allergies, you should be careful of what cleaning method will be used. Steam cleaning only uses water, heat and pressure to create a natural steam that removes all grime and dirt from the tiles and grout. This method won’t aggravate the allergies and asthma symptoms of your family.  


Steam cleaning method only uses water and heat, so obviously it’s not as expensive as those other cleaning methods that use harmful chemicals. You will save a lot of money from this. Aside from the cost of the machine and the water and electricity, you’ll spend nothing on expensive chemicals. Compare that number with the repeated purchase in the future. You will spend much on cleaners, detergents and other products. With steam cleaning, you will get a return of investment.  

Mold Removal 

There is a high chance of mold growth in moist areas, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Regular tile steam cleaning will eliminate that growth. It means that you will have a cleaner and safer environment to live in. bleach and other harmful chemicals won’t kill mold, but steam does. Aside from the cheap service of steam cleaning, you will also experience a cleaner home.